Yarn Wall Organizer-DIY

Tito Santana

Last weekend I had a Do-it-Yourself day with a client. She is an avid knitter and mentioned wanting to get her plethora of yarn balls into some sort of an organized storage system. After doing some research online, I found this great article by Tito Santana. This wall yarn or cake organizer was just what my client had in mind. It took about 4 hours of labor and an hour of gathering up materials, but well worth it. We chose to do one twice as wide as Tito’s, to accommodate the wall size we were working with. It turned out awesome and it was pretty easy to assemble.

I have been thinking about other uses for this cool nuts and bolts wall and how I could use it in my own home. That is how much fun it was to create. Here were 3 other ways to utilize its functionality.


Baubles and Beads-By replacing the bolts with a magnetic circle you could attach baby jars filled with jewelry making materials

Spices-Using the same principle as the baubles and beads.

Stay tuned down the road…I am going to make one for my spices:)






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