Summer’s Last Hurrah

I don’t know about you, but the past month has flown by, leading me up to now and the awareness of being bamboozled by summer’s last hurrah. I think often of my friends in New England and Virginia who have to start preparing for the fall at least a month or two ahead of me. And yet the change of season is coming even here in California. I feel it in my bones. There is now a heightened sense of appreciation for the timelessness of long sunny days and the respite from my normal routines. Days off are spent picking berries, making pies and pesto and frolicking in the beautiful weather and countryside I reside in.

What I find amazing is that, despite of all the outward merrymaking and indulging in the fruits of nature’s cornucopia, what happens around this time every year for a lot of people, is a very tangible inward shift. I have been more creative, centered, and fulfilled this summer than I have been in months.

The quote below has been really helpful to me these past couple of weeks. It reminds me that I can plan, organize, and plan some more, but in the end, the results are often devoid of the creative divine spark I want to move me.

“When we surrender our petty control patterns to our Soul — which is on a higher and more refined level than our minds, emotions, and bodies — we transfer our consciousness to what is really running things. We then don’t have to make things happen in our lives. They simply happen, and our task is to cooperate with the natural movement inherent in all things.”


Institute for Individual and World Peace®

 So if you are feeling like you aren’t checking things off your to do list, remember that the bounty of the season is upon us in ways we might not know or be able to recognize. Wishing everyone a happy rest of the summer!