Donation Tracking-Tip of the Month

Donations Checklist

If you file Form 1040 and itemize deductions on Schedule A, I have created a table for keeping track of your 2014 donations of household goods including furniture, clothing, sports equipment and appliances. The items include low and high values based on a combination of the Salvation Army donations guide and Turbo Taxes ItsDeductible Mobile App. The latter is an awesome resource because you can upload your end of the year totals directly into your tax filing if you use Turbo Tax services.

I often provide drop off services to charities for my clients, so I am excited to start offering this more finely tuned way of helping people stay on top of how much they are donating throughout the year and reducing the guesswork come tax time.

You can download the Clearvue Donations Checklist.pdf as well. I would suggest keeping a few in your glove compartment or car organizer, and when you drop off a bag of goods, spend a couple minutes checking off what you dropped off. Look forward to hearing how it works out for you all.

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