Daisy Wheeler

The seedlings of my career as a professional organizer began at the age of 12 when I would go to a babysitting job and find myself “tidying up” food cupboards, closets and the children’s rooms.

Years and hundreds of clients later, I am still in love with the idea of like with like items, and less equals more. I feel great satisfaction helping others find refuge and peace in their home or office. To be able to reclaim space in a client’s living situation, so that they may see more clearly in their lives, is as fulfilling to me as spending hours in my garden.

Having an artistic mind and an eye for detail has given me the ability to take my love of order and beauty and transfer it into other passions with as much fortitude. My career path includes 15 years as a landscaper in Vermont and Hawaii as well as 4 year long internships in woodworking, painting, finish carpentry & property management.

On a more intimate level, I have worked with senior citizens in rehabilitation, pre and post surgery, assisting clients with limited time left in their lives, and supporting family members through the death of loved ones. My certification in massage, and continuing education in Centered Riding with horses, Level 1 Cranial Sacral, TTouch for people & animals, and many more, provide me with helpful resources to assist others.

The process of getting organized, although not always a smooth road, can be paved with better intentions when one has the proper tools. Whether it be learning how to maintain a peaceful home environment, starting a new business venture, or making sure your estate is in order, my job is to create the support you need to turn today’s clutter into tomorrow’s clarity.

I look forward to working with you!

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